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The 2EPC5000-2EP6500 electric pneumatic forklift series provides all the benefits of an electric forklift while still delivering performance similar to or better than an IC forklift.

The 2EPC5000-2EP6500 series of 80-volt four-wheel electric pneumatic tire lift trucks provides maximum performance in a variety of applications due to advanced AC technology and operator-friendly controls. This series provides all the benefits of an electric forklift, including elimination of harmful emissions and reduced maintenance costs, while still delivering performance similar to or better than an IC forklift.


AC Electrical System – Alternating current design optimizes productivity and energy efficiency, allowing two shifts with one battery charge in many applications.

Display Panel – Easy-to-read display includes information on service icons, directional indicators and performance modes.

Selective Performance Modes – Five-level pre-programmed performance mode selector lets you adapt to various applications.

2EPC5000 Productivity


Sealed Components – Electric motors are protected to IP54 standards. Electro-magnetic brakes and short cables help protect components from dust and moisture, helping to minimize forklift downtime and extend service intervals.

Cat 2EPC5000 Pneumatic tire forklift and operator


Performance Customization – Exclusive and comprehensive servicing software allows the factory-trained technician the ability to perfectly match performance parameters to your application.

Cat 2EPC5000 side view


Curve Control – Curve Control automatically reduces speed while turning corners, helping to ensure control over loads.

Visibility – Optimum visibility in all directions due to mast, overhead guard and counterweight design.

Cat 2EPC5000 driving up ramp

Operator Comfort

Electric Power Steering – Fully AC power steering provides significantly lower steering effort than a conventional steering system. The lift truck’s design allows for ample leg room and can be adjusted in two planes – height and proximity.

Fingertip Controls – Standard fingertip controls offer precise control. A travel directional switch and horn are conveniently integrated into the fingertip module.

Full Suspension Seat – These pneumatic forklift models come with three-way adjustable full-suspension seat and fully-floating cab design help reduce shock and vibration.

Cat 2EPC5000 Operator Backing Up

More Efficiency, Less Maintenance

The Lithium-ion battery package provides the highest performance battery solution.

  • High performance batteries that are synchronized with the lift truck and charger for optimal energy efficiency
  • No maintenance requirements and a longer service life mean each truck offers more daily use, increased throughput and reliable 24/7 output
  • No more battery change outs, watering and degassing areas
  • Maximize truck productivity through opportunity charging that can be interrupted anytime
  • 5-year battery warranty included

lithium-ion forklift battery

Model Basic Capacity (lbls) Max Fork Height Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbls)
2EPC5000 4,928 275 80 90.4 47.2 88.2 10,472
2EP5000 4,928 275 80 96.1 47.2 88.2 10,311
2EPC6000 5,917 275 80 90.6 47.2 88.2 11,530
2EP6000 5,917 275 80 96.3 47.2 88.2 11,303
2EP6500 6,608 275 80 96.5 51.2 88.2 11,876

Product Brochure - English

2EPC5000 - 2EP6500 Electric Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks

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