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Product image of EKX 514/516k/516 turret forklift truck

3,000 - 3,500 lb. Capacity Electric Turret Truck

The EKX 514/516k/516 high-rack man-up turret trucks set new standards for flexibility, low cost of operation and ergonomics. They also run two full shifts on one battery charge - guaranteed.

Best used for narrow aisle warehouse applications, these 3,000-3,500 lb. capacity forklifts set new standards with regard to flexibility, low cost of operation and ergonomics. The EKX man-up turret trucks offer high performance and flexibility in high-rack warehouse applications. The Jungheinrich modular design system offers versatility and a variety of options to adapt the forklift to virtually any warehouse or logistics operation.


The Jungheinrich® 80 volt, 3-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller deliver greater power and quick acceleration.

Simultaneous lift and lower of the main and auxiliary masts mean the truck can reach the next location faster.

Higher residual capacities and optional Residual Capacity Plus increase the operational and slotting flexibility of these man-up turret forklift trucks.

Optional Warehouse Navigation System optimizes truck movement and provides automatic vertical and horizontal truck positioning.

Freezer Cabin option (pictured) provides a comfortable work environment in freezer applications below 28.4 degrees F.

Jungheinrich EKX514 turret forklift truck


Two-hand operation ensures operators keep their hands within the confines of the turret truck during operation.

The sturdy mast design and mast supports mean the mast will not sway at high heights.

Emergency lowering and descent brings the operator to the ground, should the truck become disabled while the mast is raised.

Optional Personnel Protection System senses the presence of pedestrians in working aisles and alerts the operator; slows and/or stops the truck as necessary.

Jungheinrich electric turret truck against white background

Energy Efficiency

Double benefit of energy regeneration – when braking and when lowering – and effective energy management.

Get two full shifts with one battery charge in a typical application.

80-volt electrical configuration consumes less energy and yields high efficiency.

Jungheinrich forklift battery


Superior turret truck stability and virtually no mast sway at high lift heights lead to greater operator confidence.

Electrically-adjustable control panel puts the controls at the optimum position for each operator.

All drive and hydraulic functions are controlled through simple thumb activation.

Cushioned, cloth seat folds up with comfortable padding underneath for optional standing position.

Upholstered knee supports along front barrier add comfort while order picking.

Control panel with buttons and a screen inside Jungheinrich operator compartment

Total Cost Of Ownership

Less maintenance while maintaining high-performance AC motors. The forklift's active battery and energy management conserves battery and components, which all add up to lower costs and a more productive lift truck fleet.

Jungheinrich service technicians can also easily monitor the forklift's key functions and parameters, helping to minimize downtime.

Jungheinrich man-up turret truck lifting boxes in narrow aisle

What Customers Are Saying

“With the extended run times we’re able to get from the (Jungheinrich) turret trucks, we can go 3-4 shifts without having to plug them in to recharge them."

- Kurt Eriksen, Operations Analysis

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Jungheinrich man-up turret truck against white background

Model Basic Capacity (lbls) Max Fork Height Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbls)
EKX 514 3,000 374 80 133 57.1 100.4 14,440
EKX 516k 3,500 413 80 137.4 57.1 100.4 15,146
EKX 516 3,500 570 80 148 57.1 100.4 17,637

Product Spec Sheet - English

EKX 514/516k/516 High-Rack Turret Truck / Order Picker (Man-Up)

Product Spec Sheet - Spanish

EKX 514/516k/516 High-Rack Turret Truck / Order Picker (Man-Up)

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